Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Videos: George Zimmerman donations: Innocent mistake or lying to court?

George Zimmerman lost his bond during a June 1, 2012 court hearing where prosecutors alleged he lied to the court about the donations his website raised, spoke in code with his wife during a recorded jail house conversation, and failed to surrender a valid passport that was in his possession. Criminal defense attorney Mark O’Mara represents Zimmerman and told media he will request a new bond hearing for his client. Some argue that Zimmerman’s credibility is shot, therefore he doesn’t deserve a second chance at bond. O’Mara states Zimmerman made an innocent mistake and didn’t understand how much money was in the account and what he had access to.

Was George Zimmerman’s failure to disclose approximately $135,000 an innocent mistake or lying to the court?

Mark O’Mara stated, “The failure to disclose these funds were caused by fear, mistrust and confusion. The gravity of this mistake has been illustrated, and Mr. Zimmerman understands he`s undermined his credibility, which he will work hard to repair."

The idea that Zimmerman and wife mistakenly lied to the court would contradict the allegations that the couple spoke in code regarding how much money had been raised.

Check out the video player below where the question is addressed whether Zimmerman’s wife should face perjury charges.

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