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Videos: My FOX Orlando on the Trayvon Martin case Feb.26-March 26

My Fox Orlando has excellent coverage on the Trayvon Martin case beginning with the early reports from the Feb. 26, 2012 shooting.

Initial report from Feb. 26, 2012 that one was dead in altercation at Twin Lakes community.

Deadly shooting in Sanford :

Early witness says Trayvon Martin was on top of George Zimmerman beating him while Zimmerman cried for help, family says it is Trayvon's voice calling for help on 911 tape. 911 calls after cease calls for help after gunshots.

Man shot and killed in neighborhood altercation:

Trayvon Martin's parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin want answers

Family of slain teen wants answers:

Press Conference: Sanford Mayor Jeff Triplett, Chief of Police Bill Lee, City Manager Norton N. Bonaparte

State Attorney to investigate shooting of teen at Sanford town home complex:

NAACP Calls for Feds to investigate Trayvon Martin shooting

NAACP is asking the feds to investigate the shooting death of a teenager in Sanford:

Sanford City Commissioner Velma Williams want Chief of Police Bill Lee out

Commissioner weighs in on shooting death of a teenager in Sanford:

Sanford Police Sgt. Dave Morgenstern answers critics saying investigators didn't speak to witnesses

Sanford PD responds to shooting witness:

Florida Congresswoman Corrine Brown calls for Feds to investigate, Trayvon Martin's parents hear 911 calls

Family of slain teen hears 911 calls:

Reverend Al Sharpton Speaks out on Newly Released 911 Calls

Reverend Al Sharpton responds to 911 calls surrounding Trayvon Martin's shooting death:

Black Law Students Association hold "Stand for Justice" rally in Seminole County

Law students rally in Sanford for Trayvon Martin:

George Zimmerman has long history of calling 911 on black males

Man who shot and killed teen has history calling 911:

Attorney Benjamin Crump says Trayvon Martin's girlfriend heard altercation, contradicts George Zimmerman statement of self-defense

Lawyer: Slain teen's girlfriend heard altercation:

NAACP National President Benjamin Jealous comes to TownHall meeting, Chief of Police Bill Lee no show

Sanford Police Chief was a no show at town hall meeting:

City Commissioner Patty Mahany says it is George Zimmerman calling for help, not Trayvon Martin

Sanford City Commissioner: 'Not Trayvon Martin's Voice':

NAACP holds meeting in Sanford, Florida

Sanford residents spoke with representatives from the NAACP about interactions with police officers:

Florida Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi appoint Angela B. Corey as prosecutor in the investigation

New prosecutor appointed in Martin case:

Trayvon Martin's Parents speak at Sanford, Florida Rally for Justice on March 22, 2012

Parents take center stage at rally:

Parents take center stage at rally:

March 22, 2012 Rally at Ft. Mellon Park in Sanford. My Fox Orlando reports 8,000 in attendance while other outlets state 25,000-30,000

Thousands rally for Trayvon Martin:

New Black Panther Party Demands Bill Lee's Permanent Resignation, distribute flyers with "George Zimmerman--Wanted Dead or Alive" stir controversy

New Black Panthers demand shooter's arrest while distributing controversial flyer:

George Zimmerman's attorney Craig Sonner speaks

Zimmerman's legal advisor speaks:

Black Panthers Target George Zimmerman

Black Panthers target Zimmerman:

Jesse Jackson Rallies for Justice

Jesse Jackson rallies for justice :

George Zimmerman's friend, Joe Oliver, defends him-says, "This was not racial profiling case."

Friend of George Zimmerman: 'This was not a racial profiling case':

Groups continue to hold rallies for Trayvon Martin

Groups continue to rally for Trayvon Martin:

Jesse Jackson speaks out on the Trayvon Martin case

Rev. Jesse Jackson speaks about Martin case:

Seminole County NAACP President Speaks out on Trayvon Martin case

NAACP President speaks about Martin case:

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