Saturday, March 24, 2012

Read George Zimmerman 911 call report on 46 prior calls (videos)

In the past 11 years, George Zimmerman has made 46 calls reporting suspicious black people that he spotted in his neighborhood. One might think that George Zimmerman is either highly paranoid, lives in the worst neighborhood on the planet, or is guilty of racial profiling. You may listen to these 911 calls in the video below.

In each call, George Zimmerman announces that he is part of the neighborhood watch and many of the calls sound similar to the Feb. 26, 2012 call he placed on Trayvon Martin. You may read the official police report regarding the prior 46 calls in the document below.

George Zimmerman admitted to officers that he shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin on Feb. 26, 2012, but states that he had spotted Martin whom he reported for looking suspicious, then after following Martin, walked to his truck, where Martin approached him, then attacked him. George Zimmerman claims he suffered a broken nose and gash to the back of the head during the assault.

His story has been discredited by Trayvon Martin’s family, Martin’s girlfriend, and several witnesses have come forward stating that what they witnessed was not self-defense. As the city of Sanford, Florida has lost trust with many community members and calls from the NAACP and government leaders for an investigation, the U.S. Department of Justice and FBI are now investigating possible civil rights violations, while Rick Scott and Pam Bondi (Florida governor and attorney general) appointed prosecutor Angela Corey to investigate the criminal aspect of the case.

Click the video player below to hear some of George Zimmerman’s prior 911 calls. You may hear the 911 call Zimmerman made on Feb. 26, 2012 where he reported Trayvon Martin as suspicious in the following link: Trayvon Martin 911 calls

Man who shot and killed teen has history calling 911:

George Zimmerman 911 Call History


  1. The Fox News video link is broken.

    And do these 911 call transcripts indicate that Zimmerman is reporting a black suspect? The one recording I heard, he’s only indicating race when prompted by the operator.

  2. Ryan - correct! like most user-generated content on the internet, this badly-researched blog statistic is completely inaccurate, misleading, and blown way out of proportion - according to these raw-data transcripts of every 911 call George Zimmerman ever made his calls were reporting everything from potholes and stray dogs, to piles of trash and cars w/o headlights....besides, even if that phony statistic above WERE true (which obviously it's not) what does that say when 46 out of 46 calls to 911 are reporting suspicious black people? that's a terrible percentage - just how dangerous WAS this neighborhood?!?!? don't believe everything you read on the internet folks - do your own research before jumping to conclusions! especially if the "source" is some phony biased junk-blog like this one


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