Thursday, March 22, 2012

CNN's Candy Crowley talks Trayvon Martin case; parents meeting with Department of Justice (transcript)

On March 22, 2012, CNN's Candy Crowley discussed the Trayvon Martin case and the meeting between the U.S. Justice Department and Trayvon's parents, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton.

Here is the transcript.

Candy Crowley: CNN March 22, 2012 on Trayvon Martin Case.

Now to Central Florida where people are gathering for a rally demanding justice for a teenager whose death touched off a national debate over racism and justice -- 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was walking to the home of his father's fiancee last month in Sanford, Florida, near Orlando, when a neighborhood watch volunteer named George Zimmerman shot him.

Martin was unarmed, but Zimmerman said he felt threatened and fired in self-defense. Police questioned Zimmerman but haven't arrested him. This afternoon, the Sanford city police chief temporarily left his job amid outrage over his department's handling of the investigation. Martin's parents spoke out about an hour ago after meeting with U.S. Justice Department officials.


TRACY MARTIN, FATHER OF TRAYVON MARTIN: We want an arrest. We want a conviction and we want him sentenced for the murder of our son.


CROWLEY: CNN's John Zarrella is in Sanford.

John, what do we know about what happened in that meeting?

JOHN ZARRELLA, CNN MIAMI BUREAU CHIEF: Candy, not a whole lot at the meeting today.

What we are being told by a family spokesman is the meeting was primarily introductory, getting to know you meeting, the family representatives, the family members, the mother and father, and with the Department of Justice representatives.

What we are told the singular word that was used during the meeting by the Department of Justice was patience. Please be patient with us because as you know, Candy, it is going to take a lot of time for the Department of Justice to dig in and sift through all of what transpired here on the night of February 26 and all the evidence that they are continuing to try and gather -- Candy.

CROWLEY: But, nonetheless, we do know the feds are at least looking at some aspects of this case. We also saw the sheriff's decision to temporarily step aside. Have you been able to gather any community reaction to that?

ZARRELLA: Yes. Everything we have heard so far here at this rally and in other parts of the city is that it is not enough.

Clearly, the city manager's job is he said to go out and find an interim chief. But for the people here, that's all to the side of what the real issue is. They want the arrest of George Zimmerman, period. Nothing short of an arrest of George Zimmerman is going to satisfy them.

The stepping down of the police chief they are telling us does not satisfy what they believe is justice. To them, what they believe is justice, Candy, will be the arrest of George Zimmerman -- Candy.

CROWLEY: John Zarrella on a very ongoing story for us tonight, thanks, John.

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